If You See Snow Chapter 16 – Scarface, Pockmarks, and Hook-Eye

Among the 130 people, there were many who were from the Black Street. The Black Street was full of lawless people, and the monks of the Great Compassion Temple even liked to eat human flesh. The people from Paradise Pavillion were also untrustworthy. To be safe, Su Ru Hui decided to go it alone. Before anyone could react, he had already left the battlefield. Sure enough, he hadn’t gone far when he heard screams coming from the direction of the Yamen. The killing had already begun. Su Ru Hui plunged into the white birch forest.

The carriage would leave tracks, and since it was a big target, it would be easy to expose. Su Ru Hui gritted his teeth and abandoned the carriage, running on foot. His plan was to find a secluded and warm place to rest for two days, and on the third day, he would set foot on the mountain. With those people killing each other, it was hard to say whether fifty people could survive in the end. There were likely more spots available than people who qualified, so Su Ru Hui planned to be a scavenger.

He ran a mile into the woods and was about to rest when he heard footsteps behind him. Someone was following him? Su Ru Hui frowned and turned around. Three figures appeared from behind the white birch trees. They were the three ruffians from Paradise Pavillion.

“A Qi, why didn’t you wait for us?” Scarface laughed. “Luckily, we kept an eye on you, otherwise we would have lost you. How do we explain that to the boss?”

Hook-Eye and Pockmarks approached from both sides, and the three of them surrounded Su Ru Hui. Su Ru Hui sighed inwardly, realizing that these people were not friendly.

“Have I offended you three before?” Su Ru Hui asked.

“No.” Hook-Eye chewed on a mint leaf. “We didn’t know you before you came to the bank.”

They first met at Heng Tai Bank, and Su Ru Hui understood. “Oh, you are interested in my gold and talismans.”

Scarface nodded in approval. “Smart. No wonder the boss sent you to infiltrate the Jiang family. Now that you understand the situation, don’t be foolish. Two of us are spiritual power users, and as a regular person, you can’t beat us.”

“But I have talismans,” Su Ru Hui said, “five of them!”

“We saw your talismans when you came to the bank. You have three Teleportation talismans and two Lie Detector talismans. In a fight, what good are Lie Detector talismans? Teleportation can save your life, but unfortunately, it’s useless against my ‘Cage’ power.” Scarface smiled slowly. “Once my power is activated, you can only move within a radius of fifty feet and can’t use Teleportation to escape. If you don’t have any common sense and want to spar with us, we’re happy to oblige.”

“It seems like the other big brother’s special power is quite powerful.” Su Ru Hui lazily smiled.

Pockmarks activated his special power, and a dark iron color slowly spread all over his body.

“‘Hundred Forged Steel’. It’s impervious to swords and guns.” The scaly-skinned man’s eyes were sinister. “Surrender; hand over your gold and talismans. We don’t want your life. We’ll guarantee your entry into Kun Lun if you give us the money.”

Hook-Eye pulled out a short knife hidden in his chest and looked at Su Ru Hui with a lewd and evil gleam in his eyes. He laughed. “We both grew up in the Black Street, so you know how things work there. You’ve been used by Sang Chi Yu, so it won’t hurt to let us use you too. You can keep us company for three days and two nights, and we’ll leave you a gold brick.”

“You guys are going too far.” Su Ru Hui had a headache. “I’m fine with giving you the talismans and gold, but my chastity is off-limits. And besides, two out of three of you don’t even look human.”

The scaly-skinned man was furious. “What nonsense are you spouting?”

“You little waste, who do you think you are?” Hook-Eye grinned menacingly. “Quickly…”

Before he could finish speaking, there was a thunderous explosion, and a black hole appeared in his forehead. Hook-Eye maintained his grin as he fell to the ground. Su Ru Hui raised his right hand and a hot smoke emerged from the gun in his sleeve.

“He has a firearm!” Scarface roared, and “Cage” was immediately activated.

Su Ru Hui disappeared in front of their eyes. In the next breath, he appeared behind Scarface, his gun aimed at Scarface’s back. The bullet shot out, carrying dazzling flames and hitting Scarface! Scarface, however, remained standing, turning back ominously. He took off his coat, revealing a chain mail made of refined steel inside. The gun was too small, and its power was insufficient, leaving only a shallow pit on his chain mail.

He made a mistake.

As a surge of energy rushed to his brain, Su Ru Hui’s killing intent was as intense as a mountain. In the instant that Su Ru Hui retreated, he loaded his ammunition and fired another shot. His entire body operated like a precision mechanical device, completing all actions inconceivably within three breaths. Pockmark’s fist grazed his cheek by just an inch. At the same time, Su Ru Hui fired his pistol, hitting his crotch.


Another loud sound. Pockmarks retreated two or three steps, but was unscathed.

Su Ru Hui said disappointedly, “Even that part has become as tough as steel.”

Pockmark was furious. “You’re looking for death!”

Su Ru Hui’s swift and agile moves made Scarface’s heart tremble. He squinted his eyes and asked, “Do you have spiritual power? What school of martial arts are you from?”

“None.” Su Ru Hui lazily smiled. He had already retreated to the side of the dead body. He bent down and picked up the short knife on the ground. “I just practiced some common martial arts. You’ve all learned them.”

Su Ru Hui assumed a starting position, hiding the knife behind his elbow. Indeed, it was a common move that Scarface and Pockmarks had seen before.

But in that moment, the intense momentum made Scarface’s heart tremble.

Scarface was very concerned about his own safety, so he opened his bundle and put on his helmet. “Brother, this kid is not right, be careful.”

Su Ru Hui advanced and swung his knife. The blade flicked out from behind his sleeve, grazing Pockmark’s waist and creating a flurry of sparks. Pockmark’s skin was too tough; the knife was useless. Su Ru Hui turned around, fired another shot from his pistol at Porkmark’s back, but even after the explosion, he was unscathed. Pockmark swung his fist in anger, but Su Ru Hui climbed onto his back like a fish and clasped his head tightly with his legs, twisting with force in mid-air.

The skin was tough, but the bones could be broken. If the neck bone was shattered, the man would be disabled. However, Pockmark took advantage of the situation and rotated his body, causing both of them to fall to the ground together. This thug was quite clever, but Su Ru Hui quickly escaped and retreated three feet away.

Pockmark sneered. “Kid, I’ve already told you that my ‘Hundred Forged Steel’ is invincible. I’m also trained in martial arts, so your tricks won’t work on me. Save your energy and beg for mercy. Maybe I’ll spare your life.”

Su Ru Hui checked the time and smiled. “Boring, I’m not playing anymore.”

He activated a Teleportation Talisman and disappeared into thin air like steam.

Scarface was taken aback. “Where did he go?”

He looked around but there was no trace of Su Ru Hui. Scarface suddenly realized, “He must have another talisman!” Then he tried to calm himself down. “No matter, it should be ‘Divine Concealment’. The duration of this talisman is limited. He can only hold on for half an incense stick at most before he reappears. Let’s wait.”

Pockmark grinned, “Is there a difference between living a moment longer and dying a moment earlier, A Qi?”

“There is,” Su Ru Hui’s voice sounded behind him, “the difference lies in who dies.”

As Su Ru Hui spoke, a black arrow with a yellow paper talisman flew into the “Cage” domain. The arrow sent the talisman straight into Pockmark’s face. As the talisman stuck to his skin, it immediately dissolved and his skin began to decay. Pockmark screamed in agony as his skin melted away, revealing his bones and internal organs. In an instant, he turned into a puddle of blood.

Scarface was stunned. Su Ru Hui’s voice was clearly behind him, but the arrow came from the front. Did A Qi have reinforcements?

He panicked and fled, but the black arrow with the talisman attached followed closely behind. In one breath, he too turned into a puddle of blood.

The duration of Divine Concealment was shorter than imagined. Suddenly, Su Ru Hui reappeared, and a whistling sound came to his ears. The black arrow almost hit his forehead; Su Ru Hui could almost see the cold light on the arrow tip.

The trial required people to fight each other, so Su Ru Hui deliberately fired three shots from his gun, exposing the location of Scarface and Pockmark with the sound, and someone would definitely come to ambush them. Su Ru Hui used Divine Concealment to hide, leaving only Scarface and Pockmark as targets. As expected, the two of them were killed.

The method of killing with borrowed knives was clever but also dangerous. The effect of the Divine Concealment talisman was too short. Before Cage lost its effect, Su Ru Hui had already reappeared. The next target was himself.

He activated Teleportation and disappeared again, avoiding the deadly black arrow and appearing ten steps away. The black arrow kept chasing him, and Su Ru Hui activated the talisman again. The black arrow missed and hit a white birch tree behind Su Ru Hui. The arrow was about half an arm long, and the crossbow used to shoot this short arrow should not be too big and could be used with one arm. The range of a single crossbow was about one hundred steps, and the arrow came from the southwest. The maximum distance of Teleportation was thirty steps. Su Ru Hui quickly locked on to the opponent’s position and used four Teleportation talismans. After four flashes, Su Ru Hui appeared behind the shooter.

He was hiding behind a tree, staring straight ahead, looking for Su Ru Hui.

Su Ru Hui touched his chin and asked, “Your talismans are good. Do you have any more?”

The shooter was shocked and felt cold as if an ice snake was slithering up his spine. He quickly turned around, but Su Ru Hui was faster than him. He stabbed him in the back with a short knife.

“Sorry, brother.”

Warm and sticky blood soaked Su Ru Hui’s leather gloves. Su Ru Hui pushed him away, and the shooter fell to the ground with his eyes wide open. Su Ru Hui was a responsible person who used to take care of both killing and burying. However, this place was not suitable for staying long, and others would definitely come after hearing the noise, so he would make an exception for now.

Su Ru Hui quickly searched the dead bodies for talismans and weapons and left.

After half an incense stick’s time, Sang Chi Yu arrived to find two naked corpses on the ground. Not only were their bags stolen, even their clothes were stripped off, leaving only leather boots on their feet.

Sang Chi Yu: “…”

This was clearly Su Ru Hui’s style. That guy must have used his firearm earlier.

He knew it, Su Ru Hui was afraid of the cold.

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