If You See Snow Chapter 21 – I’ll Wash Your Socks

Su Ru Hui asked a servant if he had seen Su Yu. Since Su Yu was new, no one knew him. Su Ru Hui gestured for a long time to describe his appearance before the servant suddenly remembered and said that he had gone in the direction of the internal affairs hall.

Did someone ask him to help out with some work? Su Ru Hui thought to himself. The boy was honest and easy to bully.

When he arrived at the internal affairs hall, he saw Su Yu. The young man was now equipped with swords, guns, and crossbows. He had just tried on his official robe and was still wearing it. He was dressed in a neat black collarless robe, with leather arm guards on his wrists, and a crossbow and a sword hanging from his waist. He was tall and slender like a bamboo shoot. Now dressed like a military official, the previously inconspicuous boy suddenly looked sharp and decisive.

“Master Jiang is here,” the internal affairs clerk greeted him and handed him the standard equipment one by one. “These are your clothing, leather armor, and two sets of each. They are easy to change and wash. The weather here is dry, and the clothes can be dried after hanging overnight. This is a meteorite iron sword, with a continuous firing spirit fire gun and a single shot crossbow. The gun has a range of one thousand steps, nd can be fired five times in a row. It comes with thirty rounds. The single-shot crossbow has a range of three hundred steps, and comes with thirty short arrows. Master should remember that without orders, the spirit fire gun cannot be used within the city walls.” He also handed him a string of keys. “This is the house that the commanding officer ordered to prepare for you, located on the South Street in Shun Kang District. You came in a hurry, and I didn’t have time to find a good place. If you are not comfortable living there, just tell me, and we will find another place.”

This was the advantage of being from a prestigious family. Su Ru Hui sighed in his heart. With a letter from Jiang Huai Cang, he didn’t even need to look for a house, and he probably didn’t have to pay rent either.

Su Ru Hui thanked him repeatedly, took the things readily, and secretly slipped a bag of silver to the clerk, who immediately smiled from ear to ear.

Su Yu was not from a prestigious family and had a low status. Throughout the journey, no one paid attention to him. He carried his things and was about to leave. Su Ru Hui caught a glimpse of the lonely figure and quickly said goodbye to the attendant. He picked up his own belongings and caught up with Su Yu.

“You were supposed to wait for me. Why did you come to the inner hall first?” Su Ru Hui asked.

Su Yu stopped and turned his face away, saying in a low voice, “It’s cold.”

It was indeed very cold outside, and Su Ru Hui had overlooked it. He suddenly realized his mistake and apologized. “You haven’t rented a house yet. Do you want to live with me? The yard they gave me must be big. It’s a waste for me to live alone.”

Su Yu shook his head. “I’ll live on my own.”

Su Ru Hui looked at him for a while and clicked his tongue. “Wait a minute, what’s wrong with you? Are you mad at me? Tell me, why are you mad at me?”

Su Yu remained silent and expressionless. He couldn’t understand Su Ru Hui’s personality. Although he was obviously disgusted with him, he still pretended to be close like brothers. Perhaps that was why Su Ru Hui was so likable. He never embarrassed anyone, never made anyone feel uncomfortable, and was friendly to everyone. He could easily become close friends with someone just by chatting with them for a few minutes.

This included Su Yu. Even though he found him uninteresting, Su Ru Hui still treated him well, taking care of him and caring for him every day.

He suddenly felt disgusted with Su Ru Hui’s behavior and didn’t want to talk to him.

Su Ru Hui looked at him and suddenly smiled. “Did you eavesdrop on them interrogating me?”

Su Yu’s face remained expressionless as he replied, “No.”

He took a step forward, but Su Ru Hui grabbed his wrist with too much force, causing him to stumble and fall into Su Ru Hui’s arms. He was so small now that he was a full head shorter than Su Ru Hui. It felt uncomfortable to be covered by Su Ru Hui’s arms, and he raised his head with a cold expression.

“Let go,” he said coldly.

“What can you do if I don’t let go? Bite me?” Su Ru Hui laughed teasingly. “Why are you mad at me for talking about Sang Chi Yu behind his back?”

His heart skipped a beat. Was he discovered so quickly?

Indeed, he had been acting too suspiciously and shouldn’t have gotten angry.

“Could it be…” Su Ru Hui looked him up and down. “You’re a fan of Sang Chi Yu?”

Su Ru Hui was too close to him, and his ears turned red. Su Yu gritted his teeth and warned again, “Let go.”

Su Ru Hui continued, “You actually admire him? Xiao Yu, now that he has joined the underworld, you have to distance yourself from him. If others find out that you see him as a role model, the Secret Sect will definitely kick you out.”

Su Yu lowered his eyelashes and nodded. “I understand.”

“And,” Su Ru Hui let go of him, tilting his head and smiling at him, “what’s so admirable about that guy? He’s fickle, heartless, and even stole two salted egg yolk beef rice balls from me without a word.”

As he spoke, Sang Chi Yu’s body stiffened.

He didn’t mean to take both rice balls. He just felt that…maybe he wouldn’t be able to eat Su Ru Hui’s food again in the future.

Su Ru Hui seemed to notice his strange behavior. “Do you like him or not?”

Sang Chi Yu pursed his lips and took a long time before he said, “I don’t like him.”

“Is he good or bad?”


“Does he deserve to be fucked?”

“He does…”

Just as he was about to respond to Su Ru Hui’s words, Sang Chi Yu suddenly realized what he had said and stopped himself in time.

“Sorry, I said something stupid,” Su Ru Hui said without changing his expression, still with that wretched smile. “I mean, does he deserve a beating?”

Sang Chi Yu: “…”

He didn’t want to speak anymore.

Su Ru Hui had had enough of playing and crossed his arms. “Anyway, I promised to take care of you, so I hope you’ll stay with me. But if you want to go out alone, I won’t stop you. Be careful and come find me on the South Street if anything happens.”

Su Ru Hui was right. Sang Chi Yu suddenly remembered He Sheng, who had become sworn brothers with them. Su Ru Hui had a good relationship with He Sheng, so maybe He Sheng would go to find him. There was something fishy about He Sheng and Su Ru Hui could very well find himself in danger.

Su Ru Hui was about to leave when his clothes were grabbed from behind. He turned around to see Su Yu’s jet black hair. He looked small and pitiful, like a mushroom covered by dark clouds.

Su Yu turned his gaze away and said, “I’ll go with you.”

Su Ru Hui grinned. “Didn’t you want to live alone? Why are you changing your mind? Young master is unhappy now and doesn’t want to take you.”

Su Yu remained silent, still holding onto his clothes.

Su Ru Hui was merciless and told him to let go, but he suddenly spoke up, his voice soft but loud enough for Su Ru Hui to hear.

“I’ll wash your socks for you.”

He lowered his head, his long and curled eyelashes like butterflies resting peacefully on his cheeks. Su Ru Hui was slightly stunned for a moment, seeming to remember something, and then laughed.

“Xiao Yu,” Su Ru Hui pinched his face and said slowly, “have you ever been to the Black Street? Do you know what it means to call someone brother and to rush to live together with them?”

Su Yu slowly furrowed his brows.

Su Ru Hui smiled. “It means offering oneself as a bedmate.”

Su Yu froze instantly, his face turning pale, but his ears were red as if blood had rushed to them. He clenched his fists and remained silent.

How frivolous. Sang Chi Yu knew Su Ru Hui’s true nature, but he didn’t expect him to be so bold with a stranger he had just met; truly the number one thug in the world. Sang Chi Yu closed his eyes and returned to his indifferent appearance, saying, “I…”

Su Ru Hui laughed loudly and threw his baggage of swords, guns, crossbows, and arrows into Su Yu’s arms.

“Don’t worry, I’m not interested in you. Whether male or female, I like those who have big chests, thin waists, and a well-rounded butt. You are like a small bean sprout, no fun. As you said, I will let you wash my socks in the future.”

After speaking, he turned around and walked out with his hands behind his back. Su Yu held his luggage and followed him.

The two arrived at South Street, where Xia Jing had generously given Su Ru Hui a small courtyard with a front door facing the street, a main hall with two side rooms, and a kitchen at the back, which was just enough for Su Ru Hui and Su Yu to live in. The furniture and furnishings were all complete, left behind by the previous owner. Su Ru Hui was hungry and asked Su Yu what he wanted to eat before he went out to buy groceries.

Su Yu was taken aback and said, “I want a roujiamo (2).”

Su Ru Hui agreed and went out to buy groceries. Su Yu took the broom and began sweeping the house. As he was halfway through, the compass in his waist pouch vibrated. He took out the small compass, and the star formation symbol appeared automatically, with the voice of Hei Guan Yin coming out, “Sang Gongzi, have you passed the trial? How is the scenery in Kun Lun Mountain? Is it still the same?”

“What’s the matter?” Sang Chi Yu asked.

“Except for you, all the undercover agents sent by Great Compassion Temple to the Secret Sect have lost contact. Do you know why?” Hei Guan Yin asked.

“I don’t know,” Sang Chi Yu replied. “They are with the Frontline Guards.”

“You are not there?”


There was silence on the other end for a while, and Hei Guan Yin said, “Sang Gongzi, you have left a backdoor open, and you have not told the Great Compassion Temple the truth. Has the identity of the undercover agents been exposed? Does the Secret Sect have a person who can use the Heavenly Eye technique? It seems that my people used their spiritual power during the trial and were detected by the Secret Sect.”

“You have also left a backdoor open,” Sang Chi Yu said, putting the compass on the table and picking up the broom to sweep the floor.

Hei Guan Yin laughed hoarsely. “Okay, Sang Gongzi, I need your help, and you need the Black Street as your refuge. Otherwise, you will be a wandering duckweed, and fighting alone will not yield good results. It’s better to be frank from now on.”

Sang Chi Yu ignored him and focused on sweeping the floor.

“Wuji powder is addictive and contains opium. If Sang Gongzi’s body is uncomfortable, taking a small amount of opium powder can provide relief. Opium powder can be found in the slums everywhere, and one or two silver coins are enough to buy three bags. If Sang Gongzi is willing, I can provide opium powder for you for free,” Hei Guan Yin said with a sigh. “Sang Gongzi, rest assured that Wuji powder will not become a tool for me to restrict you.”

Sang Chi Yu was busy and wanted to end the communication quickly.

“What do you want me to do? Say it.” he asked.

“I not only sent spiritual power users to the Secret Sect, but also five ordinary monks. These five people are newcomers who have recently entered the Great Compassion Temple. They are undercover agents who do not know each other’s existence. Heavenly Eye cannot find them, and the Secret Sect cannot obtain their names through torture. Unless they confess their identities or escape on their own, it is impossible for them to lose contact with me,” said Hei Guan Yin. “Sang Gongzi, I request that you find out the whereabouts of these five people for me. After dusk, I will put their names and portraits under the roof of your residence.”

Sang Chi Yu stared at the compass without making a sound.

Hei Guan Yin threatened him, implying that his whereabouts had been exposed. Sang Chi Yu slightly furrowed his brow. He had clearly changed his appearance. How could Hei Guan Yin know his location?

Sang Chi Yu understood that Hei Guan Yin was not monitoring him, but Su Ru Hui. The undercover agents of the Great Compassion Temple were missing, and other trial participants of the Frontline Guard were likely missing as well. Among the participants, only he and Su Ru Hui had joined the Secret Sect. Hei Guan Yin was monitoring Su Ru Hui, so he could naturally see that Sang Chi Yu was always by Su Ru Hui’s side.

“Why are you concerned about Jiang Que Xie?” His voice became cold.

“I heard from someone in the Paradise Pavillion that Sang Gongzi has a deep affection for Jiang Gongzi. Perhaps Wuji powder cannot motivate for Sang Gongzi to help me, but Jiang Gongzi can,” Hei Guan Yin said slowly. “We haven’t reached that point yet. I’m just reminding Sang Gongzi to be in sync with the Great Compassion Temple. I entrust the whereabouts of those five people to you and look forward to good news from you.”

“I understand. I need two Gate of Nothingness talismans,” Sang Chi Yu said.

Hei Guan Yin did not expect Sang Chi Yu to compromise so quickly. He understood that Sang Chi Yu was a sealed box that was difficult to pry open, but Jiang Que Xie was his biggest weakness. As long as Jiang Que Xie was used as the key, this sealed box would automatically fall apart.

Hei Guan Yin smiled and said, “It was my oversight. The border is vast, and Gongzi has no carriage. It is indeed inconvenient to enter and leave the Secret Sect. The talismans will be sent to your residence together with the portraits.”

Sang Chi Yu put away the compass and pushed open the door. People were coming and going on the street, and Su Ru Hui had not yet returned.

He sat under the steps, waiting for Su Ru Hui. Tonight, he would return to the Great Compassion Temple and kill Hei Guan Yin.

Author’s note:
Kitty Sang is being treated unfairly, harassed, and forced to be a bodyguard and wash stinky socks.

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1 year ago

idk why but it’s so funny to me when people refer to these kind of ruthless characters as cute animals, like
kitty sang
said kitty sang: psychopath that can and will murder anyone to keep ruhui safe

thanks so much for the chapter!!!