The Foolish King’s Little Concubine Chapter 2 – Returning to Life by Borrowing a Corpse

Shen Yu took a deep breath and appeared particularly weak. “Take the Miss’s body inside and prepare for the funeral tomorrow.”

After saying that, he turned around to support the already limp Mrs. Shi and comforted her, “An’nan, it’s my fault for not being able to take care of you and An’er. You can hit and scold me all you want, just take care of yourself.”

Shang Nan seemed to have lost all her strength, and she pushed Shen Yu away without a word. Her voice was weak but particularly calm as she opened her lips and slowly spoke a few words, “Shen Yu, let’s get a divorce.”

Shen Yu’s heart trembled. “An’nan…”

“After An’er’s funeral, we will go to the Yamen (1).”

His fist clenched and relaxed, and he opened his mouth, but couldn’t bring himself to agree.

“Who the hell is squeezing my arm? It hurts so much!”

Suddenly, an unpleasant voice sounded, causing Shen Yu’s heart to tremble as he turned around.

He saw two servants lifting Shen An up, but upon hearing the voice, they panicked and let go, causing Shen An to fall to the ground.

“Damn it, you did that on purpose!”

Shen An cried out in pain and crawled up from the ground with a dirty face, pointing at the two people from earlier and cursing loudly, “Did I dig up your ancestors’ graves or wipe out your whole family? You even pinched my arm and threw me to the ground. Come on, tell me, let’s see how deep your grudges are!”

After scolding them for a while, Shen An’s anger subsided a bit, but she felt that something was off.

The two in front of her had ancient-style male hairstyles, and they were looking at her with fear.

“What are you looking at? Haven’t you seen a beauty before?!” Shen An rolled her eyes, but her doubts grew deeper.

She remembered being shot from behind while apprehending a criminal. How could she have ended up in this place?

“An’er, An’er, you’re okay,” came a joyful voice from behind before she had a chance to think. She turned around and saw an elegant and luxurious woman coming towards her, tears streaming down her face as she hugged Shen An tightly.

“You’re not dead, that’s great, that’s great…”

Shen An suddenly smelled a pleasant fragrance that spread around her. She sniffed and her anger disappeared without a trace.

Where did this beautiful and fragrant woman come from?

It wasn’t until she saw Shen Yu’s complicated expression beside her that she came to her senses, released her body, chuckled awkwardly twice, and said, “You… are filming? I must have walked onto the wrong set, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

As Shen An spoke, she stepped back and turned to leave, but suddenly remembered something. She took two steps and stopped, turning around to stare fiercely at the two household servants. “Wait a minute, I almost forgot, I haven’t settled the score with you yet!”

“An’er, what is going on with you?”

Shen Yu watched her for a while and became more surprised. How could his daughter wake up and look like this? It was simply… crude and ugly, with no resemblance to a lady from a good family.

After hearing Shen Yu’s words, Shen An was at a loss. She blinked her eyes and suddenly had a bad feeling. Her gaze slowly moved down, and then the entire Shen mansion was filled with howls and screams.

“Oh my god, how did I become like this? Where is my white coat? Where are my sexy leather pants?”

Everyone was stunned and stared at her with different expressions.

“Um…An’er, did your father hit you on the head and damage your brain just now?” The madam asked cautiously. Even if she was delighted, she couldn’t ignore Shen An’s drastic transformation.

When the madam asked, Shen An suddenly realized that certain parts of her body were still slightly painful. Then, the memories of the original owner of the body flowed into her mind like a flash.

In an instant, Shen An confirmed that she had transmigrated into this soulless body of Shen An.

She had crossed over.

Using someone else’s body and her own soul to continue living in this world.

However, she was not the previous Shen An. Now that she had taken over this body, she would live her life her own way.

“I’m fine, my dad just hit me a few times and knocked some sense into me.” She chuckled and felt even more affectionate towards the Madam in her heart.

This is a passage from a novel or story, written in Chinese. Here is a translation of the passage into English:

As long as someone treats her well, she will repay them tenfold. On the other hand, if someone treats her poorly, she will do the same.

And likewise, she would do the same to those who did not.

“Master, don’t you think something is off about this?” Liang Man seized the opportunity to speak up, suppressing her surprise. She was determined to not let Shen An off the hook.

“We all saw her take her last breath earlier, and now miraculously she’s alive and acting crazy. Could it be that what the experts said is true and she’s been possessed?”

“Rubbish!” Before the Madam could even speak, Shen Yu coldly interrupted, “Don’t spout nonsense here!”

“Exactly,” Lian Man snorted, “Has Shen An ever uttered such vulgar words before? You are her biological father, and you and your sister should know her better than anyone else. You should really think about whether Shen An is normal now. Besides, I also have some concerns for our Shen family. If there is really something evil, then our Shen family is in danger.”

As Lian Man spoke, she glanced at Shen An with a smug expression in the corners of her eyebrows that could not be concealed.

Her words did make Shen Yu doubt. The more he thought about it, the more suspicious he became. He looked at Shen An and asked, “Do you feel uncomfortable in your body?”

“Yes,” Shen An replied straightforwardly. “My body feels terrible right now.”

Shen Yu and Shan Nan exchanged glances, both with a tinge of worry in their eyes. Before they could say anything, Shen An tilted her neck and stared straight at Liang Man. “I feel like if I could just beat her up properly, I’d probably feel better.”

Shen Yu: “……”

Shang Nan: “……”

Liang Man cried out, “Master, do you see? Shen An has been possessed by an evil spirit. Master, please save me.”

“Possessed? Possessed my ass!” Shen An retorted directly, unable to tolerate this kind of two-faced person. She thought of every possible way to make her feel uncomfortable, “If I really get possessed, the first thing I’ll do is eat you. You’re like a snake-hearted woman, can’t stand anyone else’s goodness, and you’re like a possessed person yourself, always complaining.”

As soon as Shen An finished speaking, the servants around them all lowered their heads, trying to hold back their laughter.

The second Madam was used to being harsh on everyone, and they, as servants, dared not speak up when angry. Now that Miss had woken up and become more assertive, it really helped them vent their frustrations.

They loved this kind of Miss, even if she was possessed by an evil spirit, they didn’t think anything was wrong.

Liang Man’s face was a bit embarrassed, with a fluctuating expression of anger and frustration. She couldn’t directly express her anger in front of Master Shen, so she turned her gaze to Shen Yu beside her: “Master, you see, Shen An has never dared to contradict me, the second Madam, before. Now she is so disrespectful. Moreover, a person who has died suddenly comes back to life, which is not normal at all.”

“I think you’re the one who’s not normal.” Shen An crossed her arms and leaned against the pillar, looking at her with a sneer: “Which eye did you see me die with? Or did any of you go over and check? Huh? You didn’t check my breathing or take my pulse, so how can you say that I stopped breathing? I just passed out after worrying that Father was tired from beating me.”

Everyone: “……”

“Miss, what you said seems reasonable and there’s nothing wrong with it.”

Shen Yuruo stared at her for a moment, then turned to Shang Nan with a soft expression in his eyes: “What do you think, Nan?”

“If An’er is fine now, that’s good. But if it’s really the case…”

Shang Nan suddenly stopped talking, but it was clear as day in Shen Yu’s mind.

Immediately, his face turned cold and he shouted at Liang Man: “An’er is perfectly fine, she just has a different temper. If you continue to spread rumors, then get out of here!”

Liang Man realized she had gone too far and coldly snorted before turning to leave.

“An’er, I know you resent me, so I won’t hold it against you. I only hope that Nan can continue to stay by my side.” Shen Yu sighed, with a tone full of helplessness and self-blame.

He realized he had acted impulsively earlier, only coming to his senses after Shen An experienced a life-threatening ordeal. What he didn’t expect was that Shang Nan would decide to leave him because of this incident.

Shen An wasn’t an unreasonable person. In this society, men like Shen Yu, who treated their in-laws so affectionately and loyally, were rare. Moreover, he had never mistreated her in any way throughout her life.

Although he was impulsive this time, he didn’t have any bad intentions.

So Shen An didn’t resent him or blame him.

When the time was right, she had to investigate who had framed the original owner of her body.

The farce ended, but Shen An’s reputation was completely ruined. Everyone spoke ill of her as a shameless woman who was promiscuous.

Shen An wasn’t bothered by this; it was her own business. As long as nobody physically insulted her, she could turn a blind eye to it.

Shen An could let go, but others might not, such as her fiancé, Kang Yu.


1. Yamen – a term used in ancient China to refer to a government office or administrative building where officials carried out their duties. Yamen served as the central hub for government officials, who managed local affairs, including taxation, law enforcement, and civil disputes.



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