The Foolish King’s Little Concubine Chapter 5 – Family Ruined and Loved Ones Dead (Part 1)

As soon as Kang Yu finished speaking, he felt a sharp gaze pierce him. Before he could say anything else, he saw the woman in front of him part her lips and utter slowly, “Jinyu, take him down and give him a good beating for me.”

Without warning, a fist came flying towards Kang Yu’s right eye, causing him to stagger and clutch at his eye. When he opened his eyes again, he saw a handsome face grinning at him. “Jiejie (1), do you think I gave him a black eye?”

In fact, Wei Jinyu was older than Shen An, but he didn’t know her name and had been calling her “Jiejie” all this time.

“Hmm, yes, but I think it doesn’t suit him very well.” Shen An reminded him thoughtfully.

Wei Jinyu nodded heavily. “Understood!”

As soon as the words left her mouth, another fist flew, and Wei Jinyu smiled contentedly. “Jiejie, now he looks good with two of them.”

Shen An patted his head with satisfaction, holding back a smile. “You are a good student.”

Kang Yu, still clutching his two black eyes, left with a parting shot. “Shen An, you will regret this. You will pay for your foolishness today!”

“Sure, I’m waiting,” Shen An said dismissively. He could always complain to his father, get out of this engagement, and move on with his life.

Turning back, he saw Wei Jinyu looking dejected, twirling his fingers. He wondered what he was thinking about. Before he could ask, Wei Jinyu seemed to make a decision and looked up at Shen An with hesitation. “I… I’m leaving.”

“Where are you going?” Shen An asked.

Didn’t he have nowhere else to go, being homeless and all?

“Back… back home…” Wei Jinyu stuttered.

This person will blush and speak in a hurried tone when he lies.

“Go back to what home? Come with me,” Shen An said domineeringly, staring at him with a posture that brooked no objection.

Wei Jinyu’s eyes lit up, but then he thought of something and immediately became despondent, shaking his head vigorously. “No, I’ll only harm you if I’m with you. No, no.”

“Who said that?” Shen An asked before realizing something and rolling his eyes. “My father has that kind of character. You don’t need to take it to heart. He was just angry at the time and said some things that he didn’t mean. You saved me, and I owe you a favor. If you don’t come back with me, how can I repay you?”

Wei Jinyu didn’t like the way Shen An was talking to him and his face immediately turned red. He kept shaking his head and explaining in a hurry, “No…no need…”

Before he could finish, Shen An had already put his arm around his shoulder and was dragging him outside. “I said come back with me, so come back. Don’t be so long-winded. Why are you so slow?”

The flowers were in full bloom, the birds were singing, and occasionally a few gusts of spring breeze blew by, giving a pleasant feeling.

The two of them were playfully roughhousing and were about to arrive at the Shen family’s mansion after passing through several alleys. However, they saw a group of soldiers rushing towards them in a hurry. Wei Jinyu immediately became alert and clenched his fists, but the group of soldiers simply passed them by without even glancing at them.

Shen An laughed, “You really are like a frightened bird. That’s no good.”

“There used to be people like this all the time…” Wei Jinyu said.

Before Wei Jinyu could finish his sentence, he saw a woman running towards them at a fast pace, almost tripping over her own feet due to her speed.

Shen An quickly walked over to greet her and called out “mother,” wiping the sweat off her forehead. The smile on her face disappeared as she asked, “What’s happened that’s made you so anxious?”

Gasping for breath, the woman collapsed into Shen An’s arms, looking frantic as she spoke. “An’er, something terrible has happened at home. We need you to go to the Kang family and ask Uncle Kang to help save our Shen family…”

Shen An’s face darkened, and she furrowed her brows as she asked, “What happened exactly?”

“So many soldiers came to our house and said that your father secretly built a project using shoddy materials, causing the collapse of the building and killing more than ten people. Now the officials are coming to confiscate our property!” The woman clutched Shen An’s sleeve tightly, her voice trembling with tears. “Your father is just an honest merchant who would never do such a thing. How could this happen? How could this happen…”

“Mother, don’t panic, you need to calm down first.” Shen An didn’t expect the situation to be so serious, and now she can only comfort her mother while thinking of a plan. There were no warning signs before, how could they suddenly be raided like this?

“What about father? Is he okay?” Shen An asks.

“Your father went out with your stepmother for a deal that was introduced to him by your uncle Kang. He hasn’t come back yet and should be okay. But your father is innocent, our Shen family is innocent. The only person who can save us now is your uncle Kang! An’er, time is of the essence. You need to go to the Kang family quickly. Your uncle Kang has a deep relationship with your father and won’t just sit back and do nothing.”

“Mother, Kang Shao and his despicable son are not good people. They would love to see us fail. We can’t go to them!” Shen An’s tone is firm as his brain is spinning quickly. “Mother, are there any other options? Dad has been in business for so many years, he must have some connections.”

By now, the woman is already in tears, almost collapsing. “Those people can’t be trusted either…” Her crying grows louder, drawing the attention of passersby.

They are just common people, and the situation came too suddenly. Shen An had no expectations and no evidence to directly clear the name of the Shen family at the government office. For a moment, Shen An suddenly felt extremely discouraged.

“Oh right, there’s one more person who might be able to save our Shen family.”

Shen An immediately perked up. “Who?”

“It’s Liu the Scholar from the backstreet. He used to be childhood friends with your father, but they had different goals. He wanted to become an official while your father only wanted to do business. They grew apart, but they still have some friendship. He can’t just sit by and do nothing. You can try looking for him, An’er. Our entire Shen family is relying on you now.”

“I know, I know.” Shen An’s heart was in turmoil. “We can’t go back home now. Let me find a place for you to stay first.”

After arranging for her mother to stay at an inn, Shen An took Wei Jinyu to the backstreet and followed someone’s directions to Liu the Scholar’s doorstep. He knocked on the door, but no one answered. When he pushed the door, it was found to be ajar. As they walked into the courtyard, they heard a strange sound.

“Be gentle…be gentle…it hurts…”

“Fanny, you feel so good, you’re gentle and considerate, so much better than that bitch! Just hold on a bit, it’ll be over soon.”


Accompanied by the man’s heavy breathing and the woman’s moans, the embarrassing sounds of lustful language were getting louder and louder, leaving people to endless imagination…

They were all adults, and there was no need to think about what the people inside were doing!

But…why did Shen An feel that he recognized the man’s voice so well?

She had an idea and turned to put her index finger on her lips, making a “shh~” gesture to Wei Jinyu, then sneaked towards the room with cat-like steps.

Wei Jinyu followed suit, imitating Shen An’s posture and keeping his neck low, not daring to make any noise.

Shen An used her saliva to poke a hole in the paper covering the window, and the scene inside was immediately revealed.

Two snow-white bodies were tightly intertwined, engaged in the most primitive act, and the man who was diligently plowing was Shen An’s fiancé, Kang Yu.

The woman under him seemed to be particularly enjoying it, moaning and twisting her body to match his movements.

Shen An turned her head and saw that Wei Jinyu’s face was red, so she quickly covered his eyes and whispered, “Not suitable for children, not suitable for children.”

As she spoke, she stared intently at the explicit scene in the room.

Suddenly, Kang Yu moaned and trembled as he slumped out of her body.

Fang Lingzhen clung to his arm like a docile lamb and spoke softly, like spring water: “Yu Ge, you promised to break off the engagement with Shen An. She’s already yours now, you can’t be irresponsible.”

“Fanny, you know that I always act like a gentleman. I am not a person who breaks his promises. As for Shen An, she is a shameless woman. If it weren’t for her wealthy family, why would I even bother with her? You know me better than anyone else. When the time is right, I will marry you.”

“Yu Ge, just remember that.” Fang Lingzhen got up and put on her coat, her curves tantalizingly visible.

Shen An thought to herself: With such a good figure and such a conniving personality, it’s no wonder she can fool Kang Yu, that fool.

Fang Lingzhen took a towel and gently wiped the wounds on Kang Yu’s body. She was heartbroken and said: “Shen An, how could she be so cruel to Yu Ge? Letting her lover beat him up like this, she’s truly a heartless snake.”

“That idiot is nothing. If it weren’t for his unusual brain and me not wanting to bother with him, do you really think he could move me?”

“Well, you’re too kind, Yu Ge. You can’t keep being taken advantage of like this in the future.”

“Ha, hilarious.” Shen An couldn’t help but push open the door and walk in with Wei Jinyu.

The two in the room were startled and quickly pulled the blanket over themselves. Kang Yu, embarrassed and angry, said, “What are you doing here?”

“Oh, nothing. I just heard some stray dogs and cats mating on my way by, and I got curious and decided to check it out. I didn’t expect to get a free show of a love scene. This isn’t good. It might corrupt young children.”

Shen An had originally come to ask for Liu Xiucai’s help, but seeing this situation, she knew Liu Xiucai was no longer an option and decided not to mention it.

Fan Lingzhen was panicked and her face was red with embarrassment. She kept shrinking back, afraid that their affair would be exposed.

“Shen Jiejie, Yu Ge and I truly love each other. Please bless us.”

“Sure, I’ll bless you. Dogs and bitches stick together forever. I’m even disgusted by trash like Kang Yu, but since you want him, I won’t hold back. But I advise you to keep him tightly under your control and not go out causing trouble for other good girls.”

“Shen An, don’t be too happy too soon. Your Shen family is probably in trouble now. You’d better go back and think about how to save it.”

1. Jiejie : a term of endearment for an older sister. It’s commonly used by younger siblings or close friends to address an older sister in a warm and affectionate way.

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