His Favorite Mistake


James Bradford, Duke of Rushton, is a man obsessed with revenge. When his sister’s lover, the Earl of Westwood, refuses to wed her to save her from disgrace and give her child a name, he latches onto a nefarious scheme of his own: an eye for an eye. Or, more appropriately, a sister’s dishonor for a sister’s dishonor.


Lady Jillian Kittridge has been crossed in love before, with absolutely no inclination to set herself up for disaster yet again. At twenty-two, she is very nearly on the shelf and is simply awaiting the day that the funds set aside for her dowry will fall under her control. But when the handsome Duke of Rushton begins to court her, she finds herself unwillingly tempted.


The fact that James finds himself actually liking Jillian is an unwelcome complication. As his scheme draws ever closer to fruition, he wonders: Can he truly destroy the life of an innocent woman, a woman he admires and respects? Or has he been caught in his own trap?

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