Marriage Meltdown


The seven-year itch!

On the outside Gina Tyson seemed to have the perfect marriage – but inside she ached with frustration at the distance Reid had placed between them.

So, Gina decided to challenge her husband – and was shocked rigid by what she heard. She had to do something to show him just how much she really desired him – had always desired him. But she’d have to act fast if she didn’t want to lose him to another woman!

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A Timeless Story of Betrayal
Marriage Meltdown is about a woman's journey to try and save her marriage and family caused by forms of infidelity. I loved how Gina stepped up and showed her backbone in the face of losing her marriage and balancing the power in their relationship. Reid's selfishness and passivity frustrated me a little -- but I found his attempts to win Gina back sincere, which made him a good husband by the end of the story! :) Overall, I really liked the concept. Infidelity whether it's physical or emotional is a very complex problem. There were mistakes on both sides, and I felt that Emma Darcy was able to really make you feel that you knew these people and could relate to them. This is one emotional roller coaster and definitely one of the best HPs out there.
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