Taken by the Horde King


To save Dakkar, she must lure him to his deadly prison. Instead, she finds herself wearing his chains…

As a fatal curse continues to spread over the planet of Dakkar, I make a deal with an alien witch who claims she can stop it.

Her price?

The heart of a horde king.

Only the horde king in question is the fiercest male I’ve ever seen, with glowing demon eyes, a god-like body crafted in battle, and a cold, cruel grin that promises destruction.

Yet when I offer myself to him, all under the premise of luring him back to the witch, his touch sets my blood on fire. His dizzying kiss makes the world spin. Instead of fear, I feel hot and unwanted desire, awakening instincts that tell me I’m his.

When he discovers my ultimate betrayal, the enraged horde king vows he will take me as his prize, that I will wear his chains, and that I will serve him in whatever way he wishes.

And as the dangers on Dakkar loom, I find myself craving my wicked, wicked ruin…all at the hands of a horde king I should’ve never crossed.

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