The Foolish King’s Little Concubine Chapter 4 – A Plan Forms in Mind

After the woman left, the people in the teahouse were all talking about how fierce Shen An was and how a woman like her could never find a man. Kang Yu’s face was as dark as the bottom of a pot.

“What use is there for a woman like her other than bringing shame to herself?” he muttered under his breath.

Meanwhile, Shen An was feeling satisfied and boldly shouted to the waiter, “Bring me another pot of Bi Luo Chun!”

“Enough!” Kang Yu couldn’t take it anymore and whispered angrily, “Don’t you think you’ve embarrassed yourself enough?”

“I drove her away with my own skills, what’s there to be embarrassed about?” Shen An didn’t care at all, but she looked down on this man who cared only about maintaining his image as a young master and didn’t care about her well-being.

How could she, Shen An, possibly be interested in a man like him?

When she got back home, she would convince her father to call off the marriage. “You know what I’m really talking about, Shen An. I’m telling you that the Kang family will never allow a woman with such a corrupt moral character and who brings shame to our family name to enter our household!”

“Good, my Shen family doesn’t want you either.”

“Now you owe me, and you better recognize that! I, Kang Yu, never lack women. Don’t be foolish enough to think that you are irreplaceable to me.”

“Well, then how thick-skinned are you, Young Master Kang, to have such confidence?”

Shining in front of others but a beast behind their back, this may be referring to people like him.

“It’s been only a few days, and you’ve grown so bold. Not only do you dare to find random men, but you also dare to defy me like this. Shen An, what kind of person do you think you are?” Kang Yu’s tone was low, and his face was filled with disgust and contempt that he couldn’t conceal.

“What kind of person I am is none of your business. But as for a person like you, who is fake and spineless, I’ve seen plenty of them. My father may be blind, but my mother isn’t. You’d better go back and look at yourself in the mirror. I’m too lazy to even comment on you.”

As she spoke, Shen An took out a silver ingot from her pocket and placed it on the table before getting up to leave.

She was afraid that if she stayed with this man any longer, she would not be able to resist pouring the entire cup of newly brewed Bi Luo Chun tea on his disgustingly smug face.

“That’s her, she’s over there!” Suddenly, a familiar voice sounded, and Shen An instinctively turned her head, only to see the woman she had slapped earlier bringing in three burly men and heading straight for her.

Shen An knew things were not looking good and was about to turn around and run in the opposite direction. Unexpectedly, a man rushed up to her and blocked her path.

“Miss Shen, where are you going?” The man had a lecherous smile on his face, looking carefree.

The people in the teahouse saw that things were getting out of hand and were afraid of getting involved, so they quickly dispersed. The lively atmosphere was suddenly replaced by an eerie silence. The waiter shouted that they hadn’t paid yet as he chased after them, but he was nowhere to be seen.

Now that the woman had someone to support her, she had gained a lot of confidence. She snorted and said, “Shen An, you’re so powerful, why don’t you show me what else you can do!”

Shen An was thinking of a way to escape while stepping back, “I don’t want to slap you again and have your face get plastic surgery.”

The woman’s eyes flashed with confusion, but she quickly regained her composure.

Although she didn’t understand what plastic surgery meant, she knew that it was not a compliment coming from Shen An.

“Shen An, stop playing with your words. Today, I’ll make you realize who you’re messing with! Cousin, make sure you teach these guys a lesson for your sister!” With that, the woman stepped back, leaving enough space for the three of them.

“Are you sure you want to start a fight?” Shen An’s eyes darted around, looking towards Kang Yu who was sitting on the side, waiting to watch the show. She said, “You guys should think carefully. My fiancé is a martial arts expert. He just said that he can take on all of you by himself. Isn’t that right, Ah Yu? Now it’s your chance to show them what you’ve got.”

With that, Shen An winked at him mischievously.

Kang Yu was taken aback. He was still waiting to see Shen An get taught a lesson, but now this little brat had suddenly turned the tables and put him in the spotlight. He looked up to see the three burly men glowering at him with anger.

Kang Yu’s heart sank. He cursed Shen An inwardly for her treachery and quickly stood up, forcing a smile as he said, “Brothers, you’ve got it all wrong. I’ve always been more interested in literature than martial arts. How could I possibly have such great martial arts skills or say something like that? Don’t listen to her nonsense!”

“Oh, Ah Yu, how could you change like this? A man’s word is his bond. You’re my fiancé. How could I ever frame you for no reason? You can’t just push me into the fire to save yourself. That would be so unfair to me!” Shen An’s tone was mournful, as if she had been wronged beyond measure.

Kang Yu stared at Shen An in disbelief. This woman…she was really good at acting.

She had made up her mind to drag herself into this mess.

She’s too cunning, too malicious!

“Shen An, stop pretending to be innocent here. You brought this on yourself, but I have nothing to do with it. Don’t you dare drag me into this!” exclaimed Kang Yu.

“We all know you’re in this together. Stop acting and tell us, are we fighting as a group or one by one? My fists are itching to punch someone!” one of the men shouted impatiently, cracking his knuckles.

Kang Yu was trembling at the sight of their aggression. With an uneasy smile on his face, he said, “Gentlemen, I am not married to her yet, so you can deal with this woman however you like. She’s nothing but a whore, and I’m not sure if she’s even worthy of entering the Kang family. As long as you don’t implicate me, I have no problem with whatever you want to do with her.”

The woman sneered at Shen An and said with contempt, “Did you hear that? You’re a despicable woman who even the Kang family won’t take in. You owe me a slap, and you’ll pay for it today!” She then signaled to the three men, “Cousins, this woman is all yours. Do whatever you want with her.”

In the end, the last sentence had a deeper meaning. How could the three men not know? They exchanged a knowing look and burst into lewd laughter.

“To be honest, this Miss Shen from the Shen family looks much better than those ordinary women. Since she can make that idiot happy, why can’t we brothers enjoy ourselves? Come to think of it, we haven’t had any meat for a long time. This is a chance we must seize and have some fun.”

“Haha, you’re right. That idiot doesn’t know anything. We brothers have so many skills. We’ll definitely make Miss Shen want to die of pleasure. Miss Shen, why don’t you give it a try?”

Shen An’s face suddenly turned cold, with a murderous intent rising in her heart. She glared at them with her eyes like sharp swords, and secretly took out the dagger hidden in her sleeve.

These people, all of them should die!

As she watched the three men approaching her with lustful eyes, Shen An’s hand hidden in her sleeve moved slightly. Before she could make any move, she saw a figure swiftly coming towards her, as fast as a cheetah. Without any warning, he stood in front of Shen An and kicked the man who was charging towards her the furthest away.

He widened his phoenix eyes, opened his arms and protected Shen An behind him. His broad shoulders shielded her completely. “Who dares to touch her!”

Shen An was completely taken aback and didn’t know how to react for a moment. The memory of the original host in her mind told her that the man who suddenly appeared in front of her was the male protagonist of this rumor, Wei Jinyu.

How did he suddenly appear here?

Shen An carefully examined him, and saw that he had a tall and straight figure, phoenix-like eyes and thin lips. If his gaze wasn’t so dull, he could have been called a handsome young man.

Everyone was caught off guard by Wei Jinyu’s appearance, and no one expected him to have such great skills. The injured man holding his chest stood up unsteadily and cursed when he saw Wei Jinyu: “So you’re Shen An’s foolish lover, daring to touch me. I think you’re tired of living. Brothers, let’s attack! Beat this little bastard to death!”

With the man’s command, the other two rushed forward, eager to chop Wei Jinyu into pieces.

But Wei Jinyu only grabbed the one who charged at him first and gave him a good beating. Whenever others rushed forward, he pushed that person forward to block the punch until no one dared to come forward, and then he stopped. By this time, the unlucky man was already battered and bruised, looking like a mess. Just a glance at him made one feel painful. Wei Jinyu proudly pushed him to the ground and said, “Let’s see who dares to hit me again.”

Shen An watched from behind, smiling from ear to ear. She was so happy that she couldn’t close her mouth.

Who said he was foolish? In her opinion, this method of beating people up was quite clever.

The man on the ground groaned and moaned, unable to speak for a long time. The woman stomped her feet in frustration and said, “You guys are such losers. Three big men can’t even beat an idiot!”

“Amei, it’s not that we can’t beat him, it’s just that this little guy is too damn ruthless!” Wei Jinyu said, standing with his hands on his hips and his chin raised. “If anyone dares to touch her again, I’ll beat them to death!”

The beaten man said nothing.

“Da ge (1), isn’t that already beating someone to death?” Shen An asked.

The woman glared at Shen An with hatred, and Shen An stared back at her provocatively.

“Shen An, I’ll remember this,” the woman said before giving the three men a cold glance. “Get out of here!”

Shen An watched as they ran away in embarrassment and felt extremely satisfied. Her appreciation for Wei Jinyu skyrocketed.

Kang Yu couldn’t stand to see Shen An so pleased with herself and sneered, “You really have some skills. You even have a lover who’s willing to stick up for you. I guess you served this fool well in bed.”

Wei Jinyu didn’t understand what Kang Yu was saying and just stood there dumbly beside Shen An, looking extremely happy. “That day, when you closed your eyes, your father said you should be with him. So, I gave you back to him, and he didn’t trick me. He made you open your eyes and look at me.”

Shen An watched him smile innocently, and she felt a bitter taste rise in her heart for no apparent reason.

Before she could speak, Kang Yu interjected coldly, “A fool is a fool. He’s so stupid that he’s practically dead.”


1. Da ge – big brother, doesn’t necessarily have to be related by blood

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